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Working with Children

As a Harm Prevention Charity, protecting our youth is paramount. To ensure this, we need your support with the following:

WWC CONCERNS? Please contact your Chair or MBAustralia.


Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission Endorsed Charity Tick

Midnight Basketball Australia
 is an Endorsed ACNC Charity




Become a Volunteer Workshop Facilitator

The structured Life Skills Workshops are a compulsory component of Midnight Basketball and provide an opportunity to address teen-based topics and locally identified issues that are relevant to participants.

Two teams at a time attend a compulsory workshop which focuses on essential life skills.
In keeping with our motto NoWorkshop NoJumpshot® players must attend the workshop in order to play basketball. We applaud our Midnight Basketballers’ commitment to voluntarily participating in the whole program, including the workshops.

For more detail download the Workshop Facilitator Role Description


Overview of Workshop Outlines by Week



Week 1

Developing the Youth Code of Conduct

Week 2

Team Building

Weeks 3-7

Life skills topics

  • Nutrition, health, wellbeing
  • Substance, emotional & physical abuse, self-harm
  • Conflict resolution, anger management
  • Communication and decision making
  • Confidence, self-esteem, making positive choices
  • Personal identity, community engagement skills
  • Job readiness
  • Financial literacy

Week 8

Grand Final Night: this workshop involves a player feedback review and questionnaire, provided by Midnight Basketball Australia


Workshop FAQs

Are the Workshop materials provided?

Your organisation will more than likely have materials available that can be adapted to fit the Midnight Basketball workshop format. There are also packaged workshop materials available for the weeks 1, 2 and 8 workshops. The Workshop Manager can supply you with these.

Who will I be presenting to?

About 15 to 20 youth, aged 12-15 years.

How many times will I present the workshop?

You will present the workshop three times on the same night at approximately 8:00pm, 8:40pm and 9:20pm.


How do I Register?

To Register, click on the Returning Volunteer or New Volunteer link in the 'How to Volunteer & Support' tab