Thank you to so many people for the amazing quotes about our tournament.  

“I have enjoyed volunteering both on our Committee and at many Midnight Basketball nights and can't wait for the next tournament. I wasn't sure what it would be like and if I would be useful, however it is has been so valuable and rewarding and I encourage everyone to get involved.”
Midnight Basketball Volunteer Scorer
“I love Midnight Basketball. It has really helped me build my confidence and belief in my future and I love that there is so much amazing basketball !!! Even if you can't play, still come. I couldn't play before I came. Everyone is also really kind. See you there!”
Player, Midnight Basketball

“I really encourage you to bring your skills to help this Committee. There is a wide range of experience due to the varied backgrounds of the people involved, from youth workers to sports administrators, bookkeepers and those who have been on other volunteer committees. It is amazing how different people bring different knowledge and common sense. Please call us !”
Volunteer Manager, Midnight Basketball Volunteer Management Committee

“You will get more out of this than the players! Everything about the tournament including the amazing Midnight Basketballers, is inspiring and you can really make a difference. I have really enjoyed myself.”
Volunteer Assistant Coach, Midnight Basketball

“I am so impressed by the way these players have responded to me and I have been able to help them build their understanding of the rules and the game. Great maturity and team spirit displayed.”
Tournament Night Referee, Midnight Basketball

“There are so many ways that you can support Midnight Basketball. From food, to cooking to providing buses and petrol, to the stadium, we rely on this community support to run. We really appreciate donations also!”
Fundraising and Support Manager, Midnight Basketball Volunteer Management Committee

“Thank you to so many people who have made this tournament possible. We are so proud of our community and all the support. This is reflected in the incredible commitment that has been on display by our Midnight Basketballers. It is truly inspiring to see the players and the community getting to know each other and building respect and confidence. We hope you continue your generosity.”
Chair, Midnight Basketball Volunteer Management Committee

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Chinese Proverb”
Volunteer Coach, Midnight Basketball


Midnight Basketball Testimonials

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“This is an incredible program and we are really proud to see such large numbers of community members volunteering. The result is a well run and positive activity for so many local youth to get involved in and meet so many new people. A great experience all round.”
Chair, Midnight Basketball Volunteer Management Committee