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Welcome and How to Register

Midnight Basketball Australia Tournament Night Rules

Code of Conduct



Everyone aged 12 to 18 years is welcome to join Midnight Basketball.

It is free and also includes dinner, team singlet, transport home and lots more. You'll have heaps of fun getting together with your mates and also meeting new friends, sharpening your basketball skills and learning some new stuff in the mentoring sessions. There are best and fairest awards up for grabs each week and trophies at the end of the Tournament. If any questions at all, please contact the Youth Manager on the Contacts/Venue page.

You must live in your local Taree area to register for Midnight Basketball Taree. 

Registration Closed

Thank you for your interest in registering for
Midnight Basketball Taree.
Registrations are not currently open.

Please contact us via the Contact Us page if you would like to find out when Registrations will be open for the next tournament.


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These rules aim to provide a fun, positive, fair and safe environment for everyone while providing Players with an opportunity to learn important life skills, including boundaries, teamwork and respect.

All Players

  • Everyone aged 12 to 18 years is welcome to join Midnight Basketball.
  • Intend to play every week for the Tournament.
  • Complete an online Player Registration Form with Parent/Guardian consent.
    • If registering on the night by themselves, Parent/Guardian will be called to confirm they agree the Player can participate and agree to sign and send back the Registration Form the following week.
    • If cannot contact Parent/Guardian, Players can play that night but must return signed Form to attend again.
  • Teams will consist of a maximum of 10 players each night, 5 on court at a time.
  • Sign in after 7pm each night and attend dinner, motivational session, basketball in your allocated team.
  • Stay with your Team at all times, within the specified areas within the venue.
  • Take the bus home (unless collected by approved Parent/Guardian) after final match. Because it is so important we get all Players safely home it is imperative this is complied with and so if not, a Red Card will be issued.
  • Follow all directions given by the Tournament Night Manager.


  • Singlets: are provided each night and must be worn from entering the stadium, all night until after final presentations, then handed back to the Coach. Females wear a singlet top under their basketball singlet.
  • Shoes: Players must wear appropriate sports shoes – no thongs, sandals or canvas shoes.
  • Shorts/sports leggings: Players are to wear their own shorts or sports leggings, suitable for playing basketball in.
  • Caps: appropriate caps can be worn except never during games.

Signing In and Player Belongings

  • On entry to the venue, Players go to the Sign-in Desk and complete SIGN-IN PROCEDURE:
    • Sign-in on Coach Reports, identify if taking the bus.
    • All items must be handed in on entry to the stadium. Includes phones, food, drink bottles (empty drink bottles for use on night are ok), jewellery (if can’t be removed it must be taped and confirmed safe by Referees), etc. Everyone is provided with water.
    • Midnight Basketball does not take any responsibility for these items, so please leave anything valuable at home.
    • A Volunteer will put these in Snap bag, write name on the front and then the Player signs the front of their bag.
    • Snap bags are then put in a Team Container to be stored securely and will be handed back prior to leaving.
    • Players are then allocated a singlet that is appropriate size.
  • If Players need to access phones (or other items) during the night for urgent reasons, they must be accompanied for the full period they require the item and it must be returned to the secure area before returning to the Tournament area.
  • Late arrivals:
    • If Players arrive after 7:30pm, go to Sign-in desk, sign-in on late sign-in sheet and follow rest of sign-in procedures.
    • Tournament Night Manager will escort to Coach, update Coach Report and Scoresheets.
    • If Player is too late for a team place, either go home if Parent/Guardian available or sit on bleachers for the night.

Volunteers, Professional Roles And Spectators’ Conditions Of Entry

  • By entering venue, ALL will abide by Tournament Night Manager directions, Rules and Code of Conduct in their entirety.
    • Includes appropriate footwear (no thongs), clean casual clothing and handing in phones on entry.
    • Rules state that jewellery can’t be worn. While not encouraged, it can be worn as Volunteers, Professional Roles (except for Referees) and spectators who are not playing basketball on court.
  • Spectators under the age of 18 must attend the entire night and not leave the spectator area unaccompanied, eg, hang around entrance or hallways, use vending machines, join teams, nor attend workshops. If provided with transport home at commencement or during the night, it must be in a verified vehicle and requires two adults with WWC verified. Spectators can only be given transport home on buses if there is room. Players have first priority.
  • Under 12 years must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian. Midnight Basketball does not have the capacity or systems to mind these youngsters or take them home and does not encourage attendance given the late night ending time.

Basketball Rules

In line with FIBA Official Basketball Rules 2014 (international governing body) with these modifications.

  • A size 6 ball must be used for games.
    • Basketball Australia rules dictate that boys < 16 and girls all ages (except elite) use size 6 balls for safety.
  • After a SWAP/prep/warm-up, games are played in two 16 minute halves and a 3 minute half time break.
  • The running clock does not stop, and there are no timeouts or extra time.
  • Each player must play min.8 minutes each half of matches (unless they foul out, are injured or otherwise unfit to play).
  • There must be at least one female from each team on the court at all times, unless not possible.
  • If a Team is short of players, the Tournament Night Manager will borrow a Player from another Team for the night.
  • Players are not allowed to change Teams without permission from the Tournament Night Manager.
  • Males defending a female can have good upright arms in defence and can move their arms within their cylinder and block the ball but NOT hit it away:
    • Cylinder means the space around your body shaped like a vertical cylinder. If the male player’s hands stay upright, in his cylinder (i.e. do not pass his toes) and if a female player shoots into his hands this is an accidental block not a violation. Referees can use discretion in cases where the male player ‘swats at’ the ball from within his cylinder.
    • If they breach this, it is a foul (resulting in an individual and team foul).
  • Females defending a male can have good upright arms in defence and can move their arms within their cylinder and block the ball and CAN hit it away.
  • If any contact is made, it is a foul (resulting in an individual and team foul).
  • If contact is made intentionally (unsportsmanlike), Referee may also ask the Tournament Night Manager to award a Yellow Card and complete an Incident report.Referees can send Players off court immediately in line with FIBA conduct rules for gross or persistent rule violations. A Yellow Card is issued and Incident Report completed by Tournament Night Manager.
  • The Referee’s decision is final.
  • (If Red Card is to be issued, it must be discussed with Chair prior to issuing. The Committee will take into account advice from Tournament Night Manager.)

Behaviour and Conduct

Players will try their best, support their Team and be courteous to everyone in the venue. The following are used when needed for a fair competition for all:

Yellow Cards

  • Players can receive up to 3 Yellow Cards each tournament for inappropriate behaviour on or off-court.
  • Further incidents will result in a suspension of 1 night (the following week).
  • Players are not allowed to attend on a suspended week.
  • After the suspension week, they revert to 0 Yellow Cards.
  • Yellow Cards are issued by the Tournament Night Manager on recommendation by the Youth Worker, Bus Supervisors and Referees, and recorded immediately on an Incident Form.
  • On court Yellow Cards are issued for conduct, fighting, violence, swearing or unsportspersonlike behaviour.
  • If 2 Yellow Cards are awarded in one game, in line with FIBA rules, Players must take the rest of that game off even if they have received no Yellow Cards previously. They can play the next game if they have less than a total of 3 Yellow Cards. The Tournament Night Manager must be advised to complete an Incident Report.
  • Yellow Cards are not issued for fouls or rule violations which relate to skill-development issues such as Player being out of bounds, incorrect dribbling, travelling and so on.

Red Cards

  • Red Cards are an instant suspension for 1 week. Only the Tournament Night Manager can issue a Red Card and will discuss with the Youth Worker on the night and then the Committee, prior to issuing.
  • Players must not attend the following week.
  • Includes Volunteers and spectators (with the individual to leave immediately if 18 or over, or as soon as appropriate arrangements can be made for anyone under 18).
  • If anyone, including Volunteers, see a Player leave or attempt to leave the venue they must warn the Player not to do so, and report it to the Tournament Night Manager or Youth Worker immediately. If Players disobey, the Tournament Night Manager will automatically issue a Red Card and complete an Incident report.


  • Certain acts may result in dismissal from the Tournament and require approval from the Committee.
  • Players are not allowed to attend further weeks. This includes Volunteers and spectators.

Awards and Recognition
















All Coaches present this Award to 1 Team member each week (Weeks 2-7) during Nightly Presentations after the final match, in front of all Players.

Player who has played to their best ability, in a considerate manner in their Team, shown respect towards officials and displayed good sportsmanship to other Teams.


Competition League Champions are the Team with most points (at the Top of the Leaderboard) at the end of Week 7.

Encourages fair and competitive play during the Competition and recognises the Team that has reached the Top of Table at the end of the competition rounds in Week 7.


All Teams can vie for a Grand Final place regardless of position on the Leaderboard.

At the start of Grand Final night, the top 2 teams on the Leaderboard get 2 bonus points each, and next 2 teams get 1 bonus point each.

If Teams are drawn for a Grand Final place (after final round), the Team with highest point difference will go through to Grand Final.

10 trophies each for the winning and runners up Team.

Recognises great teamwork and builds Player confidence and experience (every Team in differing ways) with this element of team competition.


All Players who have attended EVERY Tournament Night including Grand Final Night.

100% awards are recorded and can be checked on the Coach Reports – Players and Coaches should check that attendance is correctly recorded.

This important and achievable award recognises commitment to both the individual, their team members, Coaches and Midnight Basketball.


All Players are respected and congratulated for receiving all of the above awards, and are encouraged to keep them safely in a resume folder and/or list these achievement(s) on Resumes.

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“I love Midnight Basketball. It has really helped me build my confidence and belief in my future and I love that there is so much amazing basketball !!! Even if you can't play, still come. I couldn't play before I came. Everyone is also really kind. See you there!”
Player, Midnight Basketball



The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to help everyone feel welcome and safe, and also have a fair, respectful and enjoyable high quality and high energy basketball tournament that is most of all, great fun.

On the first night of each Tournament, all Players will work with a Facilitator to design a Code of Conduct suitable for your Tournament.

  • Try your hardest
  • Bring all your positive ideas to help your team members, your coaches and the entire Tournament
  • Get on board with healthy habits and respect for your body and mind - reach out for help as there will be lots of good advice and support available.
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Look after each other
  • Respect the referees and ask them questions and to clarify anything at all before and after games
  • Have loads of fun
  • Talk about why these things are just not helpful during a tournament: things we all know like swearing, fighting, stealing,  graffiti or of course drugs, alcohol, smoking
  • Be your best self

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Midnight Basketballers. Reaching new heights. Always supported


A quote from the great man ...

"I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed."

Michael Jordan