"I really enjoyed volunteering for Midnight Basketball Wodonga. It was inspiring to see how the attitudes of the young people in my team changed from the start of the program to the end. They surprised me with how insightful they were - we really don't give them enough credit!”

Jack Murphy,
Volunteer Coach

Our National Supporters

The Australian Government

Founding Partner, Commonwealth Bank and the Staff Community Fund
Through generatous donations from both Commonwealth Bank staff and the Group, help us provide the grants and support for our communities nationally to run the Midnight Basketball program, along with extensive volunteering support from local banking branches on our Midnight Basketball Volunteer Community Committees and volunteering on Tournament Nights in programs across Australia



Enterprise IT Support
Amazon Web Services and AWS Premier Partner Bulletproof
Generously provide our cloud-based portal hosting and administration, allowing us to provide state of the art technology for our communities.

Cameron Billingsley PFM Generously provides all things legal, even those left field ones...

Nick Holmes Trademark Attorney
Generously supporting our trademark requirements


The following foundations who have made generous contributions to our national Workshop and Education Framework project:

Sidney Myer Fund
Midnight Basketball Case Study

William Buckland Foundation


Local Tournament Supporters 

The many thousands of volunteers and organisations including local Councils and supporters who have provided funds and support to our local programs across Australia.  



Thank you for your interest in supporting Midnight Basketball. Please find information below about:

  • Supporting an EXISTING Tournament Location
  • Getting Midnight Basketball in a NEW Location
  • Ways to support Midnight Basketball nationally

Support an EXISTING Tournament Location

There are a variety of ways to help to suit you: 



Join your local Volunteer Committee

Organise and oversee Tournaments
Roles include Chair and Volunteer, Logistics, Workshop, Youth, Fundraising, and Media Managers.


Volunteer on
Tournament Nights 

Tournament roles, eg dinner helper, coach, scorer, bus supervisor

Professional Roles - require a qualification, eg Referee, Bus Driver

Workshop Facilitators - run workshops



Healthy food ingredients, cooking facilities, people to make meals


Water towers, cups, bottled water etc


24 seat coaches (ideal) or 12 / 36 seat coach


Petrol vouchers, credit at local service station


2-court indoor stadium with workshop room

And more!

Examples include stationery, printing, first aid kit 


If you would like to make a cash donation, please contact your local Chair.

In addition to the support provided by Midnight Basketball Australia and its supporters, local communities rely on extensive local support to run, including providing life skills workshops.

Please visit your local site to find a lot more information on your local Midnight Basketball tournament including Role Descriptions, Volunteer help and tips, How to Register to become a volunteer, dates and contacts, and more.

Select your Location > How to Volunteer & Support tab



Getting Midnight Basketball in a NEW Location

If you would like to talk to us about bringing Midnight Basketball to your location, please contact us at Midnight Basketball Australia to discuss or fill in the enquiry form.

See Contact MB Australia tab.


Ways to Support Midnight Basketball Nationally

If you would like to talk to us about national support or sponsorship, we would love to talk to you. Please contact CEO Tess White. See Contact Us page.  

Or generously Donate here



"I was struck by the enthusiasm of the participating young people, there was so much energy in the room. Volunteers and the committee were really approachable and young people felt like they could easily talk to them. I feel like, towards the end, the volunteers and the young people had a strong bond - almost like a big family - it really was so positive."

Deb Moore, TAFE 
Volunteer Scorer