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Midnight Basketball Australia
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Midnight Basketball is a free late night social basketball Tournament welcoming all local 12 - 18 year olds, and includes a hot, nutritious dinner, motivational mentoring sessions and a minimum of three games of competition basketball and as many friendlies as time permits. Run over 5-8 weeks in local basketball stadiums, on Friday or Saturday nights from 7pm with a bus ride safely home by Midnight, it provides high energy, fun, pro-social, healthy and safe nights.


Midnight Basketball Australia has been undertaking a formal Program Review, to be completed in June 2019. We are currently running pilot trial Tournaments until the end of June with Tournaments re-commencing in second half of 2019.

If you would like any more information about the trials or the outcomes, or would like to provide input, please contact us.

Midnight Basketball FAQs

Who is Midnight Basketball Australia?

Midnight Basketball Australia is a national charity that trains and supports approved communities across Australia to implement the social inclusion programme Midnight Basketball to support teenagers to build the skills and confidence to be able to identify and embrace positive opportunities in their lives and the their community.

From the moment we started our first tournament in the Sydney community of Redfern, we knew we had something special. Midnight Basketball is a highly-regarded community-driven social inclusion program for teenagers from 12 – 18 years old.

We use the sport of basketball to provide a structured and supportive environment where teens can develop a range of life skills, socialise, have fun and build their confidence. Our aim is that every teenager who participates in Midnight Basketball will build the skills and confidence to be able to identify and embrace positive opportunities in their lives and community. We do this through an engaging community-run program that combines the benefits of team sport and civic participation to teach life skills and identify steps to lifelong learning, employment and social inclusion.

To enjoy the teen years. To live a good life. The magnet is basketball.

Who can attend?

Everyone aged 12-18 looking for positive, fun activity to enjoy while building skills and confidence are welcome.

How does each Tournament night run?

Every night of each Tournament includes: 


Tournament Manager briefs all volunteers and youth workers, professional referees, security, bus drivers, workshop facilitators and others (around 20 volunteers a night).

Player Sign in, Dinner
Players arrive at 7:15pm and sign in. Every has a nutritious meal to stay focused and energetic all night.

Mentoring Sessions
and Basketball

Teams attend motivating mentoring sessions which utillise the analogy of sport and teamwork to focus on teen issues, life skills and activities, with topics such as:

  • Basketball skills and training
  • Motivational speaker topics
  • Nutrition, health, wellbeing
  • Social media and cyber safety
  • Communication and decision making
  • Confidence, self-esteem and making positive choices
  • Personal identity and community engagement skills
  • Job readiness

Players participate in at least three matches of tournament basketball each night with qualified Association referees and more friendlies if time.

Basketball plays a crucial role due to its unique inclusionary qualities as a team sport, including building leadership and teamwork skills, behavioural improvement, fitness and focus.

Virtually anyone can play, is held indoors, and everyone loves it !

Buses home

Finally, at the end of the night, buses (driver and supervisor on all buses) take the players safely home to their front door – with everyone home and in bed by Midnight.

Where does it run? 

For current locations, refer Locations page.

Can it run in my location?

If you’d like to see Midnight Basketball in your location, please complete the New Location Enquiry Form and email to us OR call us if you have any questions. (see Contact MB Australia page for Enquiry Form and contact details).

How do I register as a Player?

Everyone aged 12-18 is welcome to join and it costs nothing to enter. Visit the Locations page to see if Midnight Basketball runs in your community and go to the Players page.

How do I register as a Volunteer?

Visit our Volunteering & Support page for more information. Registrations are open to anyone 18 years or over.

Why basketball?

The most common question and a good one. Basketball is a fast and inclusionary game. While the actual sport is not important per se, Basketball is actually the only sport that caters for all our requirements and fits with our inclusionary culture: it caters to all areas of sporting ability (some sports require a high level of skill which would exclude some players), is a magnet to all teenagers, provides great mentoring opportunities (the older players mentor the younger players in their team), is played on basketball courts (which are small enough to house indoors), and is held inside which is important from a safety and climate (eg, rain, darkness) perspective - given we are looking after 60-80 youth till midnight these are all important to creating our happy, high energy and safe environments.

Why Midnight?

The second most asked question and also a good one. Our experience is that the teenage participants of Midnight Basketball go home exhausted and happy, and go to sleep. This is a benefit to all.


Further questions?

Please contact us via our Contact MB Australia page and we will help with all your questions.





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