Midnight Basketball Australia supports approved communities to run Midnight Basketball, a free late night social basketball Tournament, held on Friday and Saturday nights and welcoming all local 12 - 18 year old teenagers.

Every night ... a nutritious dinner with competition basketball rounds (a minimum of 3 games, more if possible) with music and skills sessions, talks and motivating workshops thrown in.

Run over 5-8 weeks in local basketball stadiums, from 7pm with a bus ride safely home by midnight, it provides high energy, fun, pro-social, healthy and safe nights.


To enjoy the teen years.
To live a good life.
The magnet is basketball.

Midnight Basketball Australia, who oversee and own the name and model Midnight Basketball, has been undertaking a formal Program Review.

We are currently finalising pilot trials, embedding the results and will then be re-commencing applications. This has been postponed due to Covid to spring  2022.

If you would like any more information about the trials or the outcomes, or would like to provide input, please contact us.


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