Midnight Basketball Australia is currently
undertaking a formal timely review
and then will be re-opening applications.

Welcome from all of us at Midnight Basketball Australia.

From the moment we proudly started our first tournament in the Sydney community of Redfern over 10 years ago, we knew we had something special.

Midnight Basketball is a highly-regarded, community-driven social inclusion program for teenagers from 12 to 18 years old. We use the sport of basketball to provide a structured and supportive environment where teens can develop a range of life skills, socialise, have fun and build their confidence.

Our aim is that every teenager who participates in Midnight Basketball will build the skills and confidence to be able to identify and embrace positive opportunities in their lives and community. We do this through an engaging community-run Tournament that combines the benefits of team sport and civic participation to teach life skills and identify steps to training, employment and social inclusion.

As a catalyst for community building, it is dependent on volunteers and other stakeholders from across communities including youth services, business,  education, policing and justice, councils, local businesses, community organisations including a wide range of cultural, sporting and service and volunteer groups, parents and many more who bring their expertise and mentoring skills to build the foundations for a confident and resilient identity future for the participants.

As it expands across the country, we are constantly rewarded with examples of communities who have embraced Midnight Basketball and are able to see it work and the impact on local teenagers.

Midnight Basketball Australia supports communities in running the program. We understand that setting up and managing your Tournaments takes a lot of work. To help, we have an online tournament system and a lot more to help this process. Following approval, we provide further training, full access to the online administration portal, a media pack and more to help you build a fantastic, sustainable program and outcomes for your local teenagers.

If you believe Midnight Basketball would help provide a positive, fun and high energy activity in your community, and you can demonstrate local capacity to make it happen, we will provide support to help you set it up in your community.

We look forward to meeting your community and working with you.


Our About Midnight Basketball Australia page provides in depth information that describes our Midnight Basketball Tournament Model. This is a great place to start to see just what Midnight Basketball is all about as this can take some time.

There is also summary information on this page to help you understand what is involved in gaining approval and setting up to hold Midnight Basketball in your community.

Please also call us if you would like to talk through - always welcomed.

Consult with Your Local Community

We are huge proponents of providing more positive, healthy, magnetic, high energy and fun activities for teenagers on weekend nights in Australia for a huge number of reasons.

We would like to know that MIdnight Basketball will be useful to you, will enhance your community and aligns with local objectives and activities. We ask you to talk to some wise people early on to see how aligned you believe we are, if there is a gap for this kind of activity and if this is something your community actually wants.

As we have always learnt a lot from the feedback from these discussions, we encourage you to provide feed back openly.


Our experience suggests the following is required as a minimum to bring Midnight Basketball to your community:

  • An established need for Midnight Basketball.
  • Identified why you believe Midnight Basketball is a mechanism that will enhance your community.
  • A realistic understanding of the commitment and capacity of your community to deliver the Tournament Model effectively, aligned with its objectives and be excellent.
  • Indoor basketball facilities (2 courts minimum), including breakout areas and an area to eat.
  • An ability to recruit volunteers and support from diverse stakeholder groups, with our support.
  • The intended capacity to commit to the program for a minimum of two years with two 5-8 week Tournaments each year (total of four Tournaments).
  • An organisation to auspice the program locally and sign an agreement with Midnight Basketball Australia.


We know from experience what a huge effort the community makes to bring this all together and be sustainable, and we are here to help you however we can.

Midnight Basketball Australia seeks the following from you to help both your community and ourselves determine if Midnight Basketball is needed, we have aligned objectives and provide more certainty that it will be successful and sustainable.


  • Complete Midnight Basketball Enquiry Form (word template), and email to
  • We will review and call you to discuss.
  • Once assessed and we both agree a local Tournament is viable, we will provide access to to everything you need to create a Midnight Basketball Tournament.

The following is a summary of what is involved once the INITIAL APPLICATION stage is completed. We will provide you with loads of support to help you through the next stages:

  • STEP 1 Initial Committee registration and pre-launch event planning
    • The following will be provided:
      • Access to the Midnight Basketball Launch Portal - provides a detailed outline and support materials to help guide you through the steps to setting up incredible, sustainable and fun Midnight Basketball Tournaments.
      • Access to the automated online Tournament Management System.
      • Your own local personalised dynamic website.
    • Register initial Volunteer Management Committee members online and start initial planning.
  • STEP 2 Plan and hold Midnight Basketball Launch Event to build profile and gain support.
  • STEP 3 Finalise the rest of the Volunteer Management Committee roles.
  • STEP 4 Complete Midnight Basketball Community Strategy.
  • STEP 5 Sign agreement with Midnight Basketball Australia.
You can now finalise the setup and run your first Midnight Basketball Tournament using the online Tournament System !

Aside from bringing together the collective experience of over 250 Tournaments around the country over 10 years, we help wherever we can with elements that it makes sense to support nationally. From enterprise technology, to fantastic Tournament kits, we want to get the program off to a great start by providing communities with a heap of support. See list on the About page.