Would you like to see Midnight Basketball in your community.

Midnight Basketball Australia provides extensive support including funding, training and online and telephone support.

Prior to completing the form, the following base requirements should be considered:

  • An established need for the Midnight Basketball program, including socio-economic indicators of your local community.
  • Indoor basketball facilities (2 courts minimum), including a separate, quiet (enclosed) workshop area.
  • An ability to recruit volunteers and support from diverse sectors in your community.
  • The capacity to commit to the program for two years with two eight-week tournaments to be held per year (a total of four tournaments).

If you believe you can fulfil these criteria, please complete: New Location Enquiry Form

If you have any questions at all, please call us

If you are wondering if there are people already working on Midnight Basketball in your community, check on our Locations page or call us to check.

For more information about Midnight Basketball, please read the FAQs on the Home Page.