Everything you want to know about Midnight Basketball Australia and our late night Tournament Model.

Who we are, what it is and why it is so engaging and fun - and how it can benefit your community.

We are finalising an action packed year in which we visited communities, talked about what teenagers want, need and are excited about, and trialled more tournament models. We are in the final stages of feeding all this wisdom, reflection, experience, advice, and common sense in to our New Midnight Basketball Tournament Model 2020.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved. We can't wait to get started again.

As a sporting brand, a teenage brand, and a social inclusion brand, the Midnight Basketball Tournament Model combines a sense of optimism with energy, and embraces the sporting metaphors that it draws parallels from. It is all about recognising and making positive change.

Please contact us for more information about who we are, how we run, approval to use the Midnight Basketball model and everything else you could possibly ever want to know about Midnight Basketball and how it can empower teenagers and communities.