"Absolutely in love with my volunteer job. Much rather be hanging out with such beautiful kids, seeing them happy and smiling, than partying! It makes me feel so much better about myself, when I see such amazing teenagers coming together for Midnight Basketball!! 5 Tournaments down, and the 6th has commenced tonight! It really is rewarding, doing what I do! I love each and every single person to bits, and creating memories along the way is a bonus! Mick almost had me in tears with the beautiful words he said about me, and I am honoured to be around everyone there! See you all next week, for more fun, and excitement!"

Volunteer, Midnight Basketball


"I loved seeing the participant’s confidence, team work and social interactions grow from strength to strength each week. The skills sessions educating teenagers in everyday life skills is a brilliant idea."

Volunteer Workshop Assistant, Midnight Basketball Forster


"The bond the young people have created with the Tournament Night Manager, the volunteers and the Management Team during this Tournament has been outstanding. As a youth worker it is very rewarding to watch young people grow into mature and responsible adults and at Midnight Basketball you can see the role modeling from our volunteers being a direct influence on the choices and decision making these young people are reflecting."

Volunteer, Midnight Basketball


"To be able to support Midnight Basketball over the last few years has been a privilege. The participants have learnt about respect, dignity and trust. These are characteristics that will heed them well into the future. Our community needs to invest in the leadership of our teenagers and Midnight Basketball exemplifies this in a safe and secure environment. Well done to all concerned."

Volunteer, Midnight Basketball community Management Team


"I'm so grateful for Midnight Basketball, it has helped my child to make friends with Aussie kids."

Midnight Basketball Parent


"Midnight Basketball demonstrates that young people can have fun together in a positive environment regardless of their background, age or culture and without drugs or alcohol. Need more of it. Proud we did it."

Volunteer, Midnight Basketball Dubbo


Last night really touched my heart of how well the tournament was run and the amount of kids that you guys have touched."

Referee, Midnight Basketball


"I was very impressed with Midnight Basketball and the way it engaged the teenagers involved. I liked the way it exposed teenagers to personal development using a fun sport and healthy competition as the motivation for involvement. The level of organisation involved was immense and it ran very smoothly, with the best interest of the teams and players the highest priority at all times. As part of a volunteer contingent from our Apex Club I felt that my contribution was valued and I felt supported along the way. I hope our efforts dressing up as mascots for the finals gave the teenagers some enjoyment and some sense of their importance in the world. Our club is very keen to be more involved going forwards and I am personally looking forward to being involved again."

Paul Dyer, Apex President, Tournament Night Volunteer, Midnight Basketball Geraldton


"This tournament we were able to take part in a Coaching Course – I completed it and now have my level 0 – I am a real coach!"

Perry, Volunteer Coach, Midnight Basketball


"My son was one of the lucky kids in this extraordinary activity. I just wish to express how grateful I am that so many people have come together to organise this for our teen kids in the north, where there are a lot of people like myself who can’t afford the expense. I was so excited for him to have this opportunity."

Parent, Midnight Basketball Salisbury


"The partnership formed between University Division of Rural Health, their final year nutrition and Physiotherapy students and the Midnight Basketball Team has been incredibly successful. Fourth year students have been involved as part of their placement, in both the delivery of sessions in health and nutrition along with a session on the human body and its function. The fact that many of these fourth year students volunteered to help on additional nights during the tournament is testimony to the value they perceive in volunteering for the community in this type of positive activity. The Midnight Basketball teenagers instantly gravitate to the university students, asking a million questions and there is genuine engagement and relationship building at work in this youth friendly environment. Overwhelmingly the students have come away with a very positive experience of Midnight Basketball and we are thankful to the organizing Management Team and volunteers in fostering and enabling this linkage to happen."

University Division of Rural Health, Midnight Basketball Tamworth


"All the perseverance and hard work is definitely worth it just to see all the kids so very excited."

Chair, Volunteer Management Team, Midnight Basketball


"Inclusion and community partnerships working together for a common goal = Salisbury Midnight Basketball"

City of Salisbury


"We thank the Midnight Basketball Management Team and young people for their ongoing support for the centre. We have only had positive comments from our duty managers over the evenings and the security company on the manners and respect young people have shown for the venue and staff."

Emerton Leisure Centre, Midnight Basketball Mt Druitt


"One of our longstanding players Brenton Novak started volunteering as a team manager for this tournament as he had turned 19. He ran his team professionally and was able to make the transition from player to volunteer smoothly. We are so proud."

Volunteer Management Team, Midnight Basketball Campbelltown


"Our Midnight Basketball kids have come a long way from the first tournament when they just wanted to be with their own friends. Now they don’t seem to mind who they play with. It’s great that they see Midnight Basketball as a safe environment to make new friends."

Midnight Basketball Bankstown, Bankstown City Council


"From day 1 of these tournaments, I simply cannot explain how fun it is to be a part in working for such a great cause. Basketball and working with children is my passion, so it is only natural that midnight basketball is that too. Seeing the kids learn not only the game but the sportsmanship and friendships developed intuitive with the skills and knowledge they gain from skills sessions is truly inspirational. My personal highlight was when one of my players thanked me for believing in them despite others doubting his abilities. Working with fellow volunteers too is simply a pleasure. They have been my new family and am always welcome to meet new people to add to this community."

Tournament Night Manager, Midnight Basketball


"Basketball as a sport offers the participants a range of opportunities not just as players but also in other supporting roles. As part of the Midnight Basketball program we have been able to offer some Beginner Referee Training and additional support to enable the participants to contribute as trained referees both in the Midnight Basketball tournaments but also the local junior competitions through their local association (Blacktown West Basketball Assoc.). The training is a great opportunity for the young players to continue to contribute to the competition even when too old to play and it also builds the capacity of the local community and extends the capability of basketball as a sport to broaden its appeal in the community."

Rose, NSW Sport and Recreation, Volunteer Management Team, Midnight Basketball Mt Druitt


"My experience of volunteering for Midnight Basketball at Bankstown was vastly different from my experience as a player. I faced a new learning experience by volunteering to be a junior referee for this tournament and my confidence, decision making and communication skills were tested like never before. I was put under high pressure situations and although made many mistakes, I also made a lot of improvement and am looking forward to continuing in this trajectory. I received great constructive criticism and feedback from the senior referees, coaches and scoring assistants which guided me throughout the process and this has certainly encouraged me to put my hand up to volunteer again in the next tournament. The skills which I have developed by volunteering in this tournament have a very real application to our everyday lives, and so being able to work on these in a very hands on manner was a very unique experience and a highlight for me from this tournament."

Volunteer Assistant Referee (Junior)


"The relationships and respect created between the participants was what I noticed the most. Some of the younger players really took to some of the older ones who took on a role model role and would help teach them different basketball skills and would ensure that they had a fair go. These friendships extended over different genders, religions, cultures and made for a really positive environment."

Tournament Night Manager, Midnight Basketball Forster