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Midnight Basketball Australia is currently undertaking a formal timely review and then will be re-opening applications.

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Tess White, Chief Executive
Mob: 0418 456 294

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PO Box 775, Neutral Bay NSW 2089

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Level 5, 20 Bond St, Sydney NSW 2000


40 108 259 749




"I was struck by the enthusiasm of the participating young people, there was so much energy in the room. Volunteers and the committee were really approachable and young people felt like they could easily talk to them. I feel like, towards the end, the volunteers and the young people had a strong bond - almost like a big family - it really was so positive."

Deb Moore, TAFE 
Volunteer Scorer





 "This is different, we knew everyone would love it, but we had no idea just how much - everyone keeps registering again and again. It has made us rethink our whole approach to how much fun community events can be. Our expectations have been raised through the roof."

Midnight Basketball Volunteer