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Midnight Basketball Australia
 is an Endorsed ACNC Charity



"It takes a village to solve a problem."

Say wise people and anyone who has ever been involved in
Midnight Basketball anywhere.


School Based Traineeships

Encouraging School Based Traineeship programs - Edan Porter, Commonwealth Bank Indigenous School Based Trainee

Edan Porter, School Based Trainee

"When I was in Tamworth recently, I had the opportunity to meet long term Midnight Basketball Tamworth participant Edan Porter who was successful in securing a Midnight Basketball Indigenous School Based Traineeship this year with the Commonwealth Bank. We caught up over a microphone about what the School Based Traineeship has meant to him and he provided some helpful insight to what is actually involved. He was super keen to spread the message to Midnight Basketballers around the country to apply for the Traineeships each year. We are certainly all very proud of Edan." Tess White, CEO Midnight Basketball Australia

Listen to the interview with Edan

Northern Daily Leader story about Edan's SBT at Commonwealth Bank



What is Midnight Basketball aiming to achieve

Through a combination of basketball tournaments and life skills workshops, we aim to offer an intervention that:

  • Contributes to community and individual capacity building,
  • Engages a diverse social mix of young people in its programs,
  • Is sustainable over time.


In meeting these aims Midnight Basketball Australia believes it will make a positive contribution to:

  • Providing young people with a safe, healthy and positive environment at times when they may be vulnerable to harmful and anti-social behaviour;
  • Combating drug, alcohol and other physical abuse by young people;
  • Supporting the learning needs of young people and providing them with encouragement to participate in mainstream society and their local community;
  • Providing positive role models and reinforcing the importance of self esteem among young people;
  • Diverting young people in areas of need from the risk of anti-social behaviour.



National Governance Structure

Midnight Basketball Australia

  • A company, limited by guarantee with an independent Board. ABN: 40108259749.
  • A not-for-profit charitable organisation.
  • Midnight Basketball Australia is listed on the Register of Harm Prevention Charitable Institutions under Subdivision 30-289B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.
  • Midnight Basketball Australia is a not-for-profit charitable organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient Status. This means that donations are tax deductible and we will provide you with a tax deductible receipt for donations. Note: they must be made out to: "Midnight Basketball Fund" (see below).

Board of Directors

The Board members of Midnight Basketball Australia have a substantial track record in implementing community and commercial projects.

  • Steve Mark
  • Cathy McBride
  • Chris Wade
  • Jonathon Wolfe

Midnight Basketball Australia Management Team

  • Tess White, Chief Executive Officer
  • Vacant, General Manager Communities
  • Amber Holliday, Communities Support Manager
  • Susan Grant, Finance and Administration 
  • Other team members (contractors and pro bono supporters) include comms, IT, marketing and other professional services



Local Governance Structure

All Locations have the following Midnight Basketball governance structure:

  • Local Program Participant (Contracted Program Auspicing Body - Council)
  • Volunteer Management Committee comprising local Committee members
  • Tournament Night Volunteers - (approximately 15 per night) – Friday OR Saturday nights from 7pm to around Midnight depending on the role)
  • Tournament Night Volunteer Professional Roles for tournament night roles that require an accreditation or certificate, such as Referees, Bus Drivers licence, etc.



Midnight Basketball Fund

Donations are contributed through the Midnight Basketball Fund.

The members of the Midnight Basketball Fund's Management Committee comprise:

  • Roger West, Chair, ex NSW Community Services Commissioner
  • Steve Mark, NSW Legal Services Commissioner
  • Peter Stapleton, Consultant Solicitor, ex Partner Blake Dawson

For information and links to donate, please visit our Donate page.

Privacy Policy

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